Sex On The Job

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    The most amazing thing happened with a coworker and I on the job not long ago. To make a long story short, I'm a 55 year old white guy, decent shape and looks and my coworker is a gorgeous, very beautiful, light skinned black female who is a 23 year old female with a body, ass and looks that would make any man die for. Not to sound weird or perverted, but I've been crazy over this young girl since she started a few months ago. To me as long as they're of legal age, age is just a number. She works the afternoon shift while I work the night shift, as I relieve her at 11:00 pm. As usual I show up a little before 11:00pm and say hello, usually she bolts right out the door when I arrive but on this particular night she lingered around and talked about her weekend plans etc. I complimented her on her beautiful hairstyle and she turned around and showed me the back. I got close enough for her to feel my warm breath on the back of her neck and told her it how nice her hair looked. She immediately backed up with her beautiful, pear shaped ass and pressed against my cock and groin area. I then started to kiss her on the back of her neck while wrapping my arms around her waist while working my way up to her breast to gently massage them. She immediately grabs my throbbin' hard cock and tells me to take it out. While I was getting it out she quickly pulls her spandex type pants down while reaching for my aching white cock and inserts it into her very juicy, tight, black pussy. Oh my, I thought I was gonna die and go to heaven. I proceeded to pound her pussy from behind while hearing her moan, squeal and tell me how good my dick felt inside her. This went on for about ten minutes before I shot my thick load inside her so I could then attend to the customers that were waiting to check out. Before this happened she barely ever spoke to me and I could have never dreamed something like this would ever actually happen. She told me later that she never talked to me much cause she was always attracted to me. I was her first white dick as well. So goes to show just because a woman doesn't talk to you doesn't mean they don't like you. This has been our own little sweet secret and nothing has happened between us since but what a great, erotic experience it was. I could smell her sweet pussy on my cock for about a week. Makes my dick hard just thinking and typing about it.
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    WOW! Any subsequent stories?