Wife came out as bisexual ...

Discussion in 'Lesbian Sex' started by Corcelli, Oct 9, 2017.

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    One thing I love about my wife is we can talk about almost anything. We're honest, open, and loving. It has kept this marriage going strong for many years now. We talk about sex too, of course. Quite a bit in recent memory as we went through a slump due to time pressures and raising a family.

    Anyway, back in early August, she came out to me as being bisexual. Or at least bicurious because she has not been with a woman yet. I wasn't threatened or offended at all. I also made it clear that if she wanted to experiment, with or without me, with another woman that would be fine. She was very relieved and said that she would only want to do so with me present. She's in education, so she's been insanely busy since then, so we really haven't moved forward much, but I believe we will soon enough.

    Any straight men on board that had a wife or girlfriend come out like this? Did she experiment and, if so, how did it go? What impact, if any, did it have on your relationship? Did the relationship last with the other woman?

    Thanks for sharing. :)